Monday, April 1, 2013


March 30th.  To some, the day before Easter, no biggie.  To me: doomsday.  You know that whole thing about me being late for everything?  Well, I had two major deadlines on March 31st: Covert Robin and Knitters for Newtown. However, since that was Easter Sunday, I actually lost a day!  Both packages needed to be mailed by the 30th.  Usually, I cannot afford to lose days when something is due. But, guess what??


Two major projects all done, and mailed, ON TIME. (Granted, I may have been rushing to the post office 20 minutes before it was about to close, but hey...I still made it...ha!)

Look at my pretty squares, all ready to be put together and (hopefully) provide some comfort.  I knitted some and crocheted some.  I don't know about you, but I like to change things up a little.  I was so excited to use the special color ways...Love Wins and The Giving Tree.

And check out the cute little stamp I got at RPS. ( I needed a new stamp pad... haven't paper crafted in a very, very looooong time.)

I meant to take pictures of the boxes, but *ahem* I ran out of time...

Now to finish that 1st birthday quilt for sweet Angelique who is now 1 year, 2 months, and 5 days old...

Keep calm and craft on!


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