Sunday, April 7, 2013


With the deadline for Covert Robin looming over my head, I forgot something very important...

I get a present, too!

Honestly, I had completely forgotten about it. Until I heard the mail truck...followed by footsteps on my porch...followed by my screen door opening, and a THUD!

I was sitting in the kitchen, thinking to myself, "Hmmmm...I haven't ordered any fabric lately...."  I walked to the door, and found an Amazon box sitting there.  I almost didn't even take a second look, as hubs gets a lot of Amazon boxes...but then, a flash of red caught my eye!

I looked at the envelope, and sure enough it was for me! From a person in Maryland, whom I don't know! My Covert Robin!

I was very well behaved, and opened up the card before tearing into the box. When I opened the card, the first words I saw were: "Hey Girl-"

RYAN GOSLING!?!?!? Is that you!?

Kidding!  Ryan Gosling was not my covert robin.  Danny, husband of the very crafty Jill over at Made with Moxie, was my covert robin.  He made me some super cool bar towels from handmade stamps and Pébéo Setacolor  paints.  They are cool and unique and I love them!   Here are some pics!

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  1. Joanie (Danny's Mom)April 11, 2013 at 4:09:00 PM EDT

    I have strongly hinted that these would make the best Mother's Day present. I really love them, especially the bees. Enjoy!