Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I'm too OCD for this...

Seriously.  Go ahead and laugh, but I'm not joking.  Along my very short quilting journey, I have struggled with my quest for perfection.  I'm one of "those" people, and I can't help it.  (Just imagine how I was at my wedding dress fitting...)  So, when it comes to crafting, I have pulled out more stitches than you could imagine, but I have fought a good fight.

I came up with a mantra.  Well, not on purpose, but I found myself saying the same thing over and over in my head.  "It's not perfect but..." and I would finish with "that's what makes it handmade," and "that's what makes it one of a kind," or "nobody is going to notice that this stitch is 1/32nd of an inch to the left of the others."  This mantra helped me to finish 3 quilts. (P.S.-machine binding is not for me, because that extra little seam that pops up on the back makes me MENTAL...anybody know any good tips on that?)

Enter Craftsy BOM.  July: Dresden Plates.  Circles.  I can't even make a circle with a compass.  Never could.  Now you want me to SEW one?  I've barely mastered straight lines!!! I watched the video lesson.  Twice.  Hers were not perfect, yet mine had to be.  I even got the little rotary circle cutter (which is pretty cool, by the way).  I sewed my first circle...very slowly.  I only went about 4 stitches before I would shift and re-align.  It actually came out pretty good.  I would recommend that method...but, it was too small.  Apparently you aren't supposed to sew dresdens with a scant quarter inch seam because they will come out bigger than intended.  Woops. Soo, I make another circle.  Same method, not so perfect circle. By this point my patience has worn thin and I just want these things done.  They're not perfect.  It's not the end of the world.  Do yourself a favor.  Let it go.  You will be much happier while quilting. Besides, I'm grumpy enough for the both of us!
My perfectly imperfect Dresden Plates
I don't mean for this post to be a gripe session, but here's another issue I have.  I need directions.  Specific ones, and lots of them.  This whole Modern Quilt Guild thing might not be for me.  Our first assignment was to make a "lonely crayon" block.  Perhaps you have heard of this before, but I had not. Adorable name, really. You choose the color you use least in your quilting- you're "lonely crayon", if you will.  You're allowed to use white and one other color.  You make a 10.5" square or a 5.5" x 10.5" block. Easy-squeezy, right? Um...wait...what?  That's it?  What's it supposed to look like?  What size do I cut the squares?  Should I do stars?  Half square triangles? Dresden? (Kidding!) Oh...I'm supposed to figure it out by myself?  Excuse me, while I go weep in the corner and console myself with a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle bar....

Ok, ok, I'll put my big girl panties on and design some blocks.  That's right, design.  All. By. My. Self.  I mean, they're not exactly totally original or anything, but I pretty much just played around with different 9 patch arrangements.  (I can't reinvent the wheel you know!) But, uh...now I have to figure out the math.  Why must this be so difficult!!!!???  Here are my options (I'll post the product when finished):

Hubby likes 1, 2, and 6.  Mom likes 1 and 2.  I kind of like my original flower basket-y thing (#5).  What's your preference?  Leave a post and let me know! :-)

Happy sewing! xo

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  1. Your dresdens came out nice. I find that if I wait a day or two after sewing a block, I can usually appreciate it better and that I forget about any minor flaws that were glaring at me as I worked on them. I'm excited to see your completed lonely crayon block. You're already halfway there and I'm sure it'll turn out great :)